How to change Laptop or Computer password without knowing the old password?

 How to change laptop or computer password without using previous password:

In Pakistan and other countries many people have the problems to change password in laptop or computers. We can explain how to change password in laptop or computers without using the previous password. So the password can be changed using some commands.

Step 1:

In the first step Go to search option and write command prompt.

Step 2:

In second step right click on command prompt and select the option “Run as administrator”.

Step 3:

After select the option of “Run as administrator” the window will be open show in below. Select the yes option.

Step 4:

After select the yes option code window will be open.

Step 5:

Write some commands. In first write “net user” and then press Enter button. All your PC account will show in below .

Step 6:

And again write “net user” then space then your PC name then write the password and press Enter. For example pc name is pagal and my new password is 123123. So firstly I write “net user pagal 123123” and then press Enter button.

Step 7:

When you press Enter if the message appear “The command complete successfully” then the password is changed.

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