How to connect internet with laptop or computer?

In this site we will tell you how to enbale your personal  hotspot and connect your laptop, mobile and computer internet. And easily use the internet in other device. So the some steps are as follow to connect the internet. the icon of hotspot is available in first option so we can easily enable the hotspot. Other option is go to setting option to enable hotspot option.

Step 1:

the first step is to select the setting option in mobile phone.

Step 2:

In 2nd step select the other wireless connection option.

Step 3:

In 3rd step Select the personal Hotspot option.

Step 4:

in 4th step enable the personal Hotspot .and the password is used in laptop.

Step 5:

In 5th step open the Wi-Fi option and Then mobile Name will appear . Select the Connect option.

Step 6:

In this step enter the password of mobile Hotspot. And then press next option.

Step 7:

When password is entered correctly . in next step select the Yes option . And your laptop is connected with your mobile internet.

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