How to create account on Gmail?

Step 1:

In 1st step open the Gmail and select the create account option.

Step 2:

In 2nd step write 1st name in and last name in box and then select the next option.

Step 3:

In 3rd step select your date of birth in given criteria Month , Day and year. Then select your Gender.

Step 4:

In 4th step choose your Gmail  address and select the next button.

Step 5:

in 5th step create password which can be at least 8 character. And then select the next button.

Step 6:

in 6 step enter your phone number.

Step 7:

After enter the phone number select the I Agree option. The code option will appear the code is send in your phone number .enter the code.

Step 8:

In 8th step select the ”yes, I’ am in” option.

Step 9:

In 9th step select the Next option. The account will creaet success fully.

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