How to download and install XAMPP for window


XAMPP is a software packet which contains 4 key components such as

X stands for cross-platform compatibility,

A stands for Apache web server,

M stands for MySQL database,

P stands for PHP,

 P stands for Perl.

Xampp has been designed to provide you a smooth and easy installation experience to create a local web server for development and testing purpose.For example, if you test PHP applications on your computer, you can start the 2 modules Apache and MySQL. To install the MYSQL database used in class, click Admin next to MySQL on the XAMPP Control Panel to bring up the phpMyAdmin.

XAMPP is easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. XAMPP is very easy to install Apache distribution for LINUX, UNIX, Windows and Mac OS X.  There are 2 versions of PHP 4 and PHP 5 you can run one version at a time. Just download and start the installer XAAMP.

                                    “Download  XAMPP”

Step 1:

First step Download the XAMPP in the following link

Step 2:

In 2nd step select the

step 3:

In 3rd step downloading was the complete

                              “Install XAMPP”

Step 4:

In 4th step  the setup of the XAMPP are started and click to the next button

Step 5:

in step 5 all the components are all ready selected if not you can  select all the components first and then click  on the next button

Step 6:

in step number 6 select the folder where you can download the  XAMPP and then click on the next button

Step 7:

in step number 8 the window that will appear on your screen have a three buttons you can select only the next button

step  8:

the screen again  show the three buttons and top of the screen  are written

Ready to install

then select the next button

step 9:

first select the option

Do you want to start the Control panel row?

and then select the button finish

and  your process is complete when you open your XAMPP it gives you the option to select the language  select your language and save them .



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