How to download playlist in Laptop or computer?

Do you know how to download playlist in laptop or computer? In this post we will tell you how to download playlist in laptop or computer in easy way.

There are several tricks that will take your video streaming experience to the next level. But one thing you want find built in YouTube is a playlist download button.

Maybe you built a playlist of your own videos and now you want to download playlist on your laptop. YouTube downloader will be helpful in saving all of them.

Important Most videos are protected by copywriting law.

Internet Download manager is a tool to increase the download speed by up to 5 times, resume and schedule download. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capacity will restart due to lost connection computer shut down, network problems or unexpected error power outages.

IDM is a tool the is easy to use and it is user friendly tool.

Internet Download manager is has a smart download and intelligent dynamic file segmentation and save multipart Download technology to accelerate your Downloading speed. Internet Download manager is easy to use. Other file is insufficient and less intelligent.

Step 1:

In first step search the playlist as you want to download. Fox example i want to download Html lecture playlist.

Step 2:

in 2nd step select the channel name of your selected video. For example my video channel name is JP Web so i select this channel.

Step 3:

In 3rd step select he channel playlist option.

Step 4:

In 4th step click on the video playlist as you want to download. just suppose i select the Html tutorial playlist. when the playlist is open copy the link .

Step 5:

Search the “YouTube playlist download on IDM” or copy the link.

Step 6:

After open this link select the playlist option.

Step 7:

in 7th step past the link here below.

Step 8:

After paste the link in above tag all links of playlist will b loaded. after loaded all the links copy all the links.

Step 9:

After copy all the link open your notepad and past the links.

Step 10:

write the name to your file and save the notepad file in your computer drive . Suppose, i want to save the file to my desktop.

Step 11:

Open your IDM downloader the link is here. and open this.

Step 12:

in 12th step click on task then select the option “From the text file”

Step 13:

In the next step select your notepad save file and click the OK button.

Step 14:

The file will be loaded click the check all option and click the OK button.

Step 15:

The option will be appear click the OK button.

Step 17:

select he start queue option . downloading will be start. and the playlist is saved in video folder.

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