How to Encrypt File in Laptop Or Computer?

How to encrypt file in laptop or computer:

                                                                           If you have important file in your laptop or computer and you want someone never use your file or access in other computer or laptop. So, you can easily encrypt the file. If you apply encryption in any folder the folder never access in other laptop or computer.

Step 1:

In 1st step right click on file and select the Properties option.

Step 2:

In second step select the Advance option.

Step 3:

In 3rd step  allow the file and then select the OK option.

Step 4:

 In 4th step select the Apply option and then select  the “Apply changes to this folder, sub folder and files” option and then selected the OK option.

Step 5:

Select the file option and then OK option

Step 6:

After complete the installation the file will be encrypted.

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