How To Hide Computer & Laptop Drive

Do you know to hide drives in windows?

why you have to hide drives or partition?

we all know how to hide a folder with our personal files in windows operating system. But to hide drives or partitions we use third party software.and one thing we did not know that we can also hide drives just like folders, without using any software in windows 7/8/10.

just think you have a large number of files in the different folder and you did not want to share it with you hide each of that folders or use a lock software to keep them safe.

Did you know you can secure the DATA on the hard disk drives by hiding them in windows

by use the steps below to do just that

For example hide local disk ‘E’.

Step 1:

Simple way to hide a local disk in a computer is to use the disk management feature in your computer access the disk management feature of your system,Right click on ‘My Computer’ icon.

step 2:

After clicking on ‘My Computer’ this type Of window should be appear.Right click on this icon ‘My PC’.

Step 3:

After clicking on ‘This PC’ this type of dialog box will be appear . Now click the manage.

Step 4:

These type of window should be appear.clicking on the’Disk Management’.

Step 5:

Now chose the local disk drive which you want to hide and right click on it.

step 6:

There you scroll down to where it says ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths’.

step 7:

and click on ‘Remove’ button and then click on ‘OK’ button.

step 8:

clicking on ‘yes’ button. when all is done , you will not see the hidden drive in ‘My Computer’.

hidden local Drive ‘E’.

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