How to hide number in Facebook account

How to hide number in Facebook

How can we hide our phone number in our face book account? In the upper right side of the page you will find this option. For hiding your basic info and your contact click on Edit option. This option appears when you hover your cursor over the phone number. Now you need to click Edit to right of your phone number.

Contact imported from Facebook and twitter is no longer groups that you can hide or show at will. When you type  at one at a time……’s infinitely easier  to edit  your address book to computer  in this case when you have an actual keyboard and mouse…when you tape in a box the keyboard is automatically open here.

Some social engineers trick their victims into revealing confidential information such as user names and passwords on the phone… Social engineers also obtain information from users who don’t destroy information properly. These information is used through company dumpsters, watch or film people dialing phone number or using ATMs, and  social media sites and face book, are popular websites for online criminals to the million.

Step 1:

In first step open your Facebook  account and open your profile then select the “See Your About Info”  option.

Step 2:

About page will open click on “Edit” option in Contact info option.

Step 3:

click on lock icon three option will appear click on “Only me ” option.

Step 4:

in 4th step click the “Save” option

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