How to lock the drive in computer or laptop Or how to apply Bitlocker?

How to use bit locker? Or how to lock the drive in computer or laptop?

Step 1:

In first step right click on the selected drive which you want to lock. And then select the Turn on BitLocker option.

Step 2:

In 2nd  step select  the checkbox of use a password to unlock the drive.

Step 3:

In 3rd step enter the password in the desired field.

Step 4:

In 4th step after enter the password select the next option.

Step 5:

In 5th step select the option of “save to file”.

Step 6:

In 6th step select a folder in your computer or laptop and then click on save option.

Step 7:

In 7th step message box will appear select the yes option.

Step 8:

In 8th step select the first option. And click on the next option.

Step 9:

In this step click on the “Start encrypting” option.

Step 10:

In this step encrypting  will install.

Step 11:

Restart the computer drive will be locked. Put the password and open the drive.

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