How to lock the drive in computer or laptop Or how to apply Bitlocker?

How to use bit locker? 

How to lock the drive in computer or laptop?

How do I lock a drive on my PC?

These days, every person has a computer or laptop and each user want to save some personal data in hard drive. But sometime, we might have to share computer with friends or family so we ought to secure our information from them. In such case we hide the folder from them. To hide or secure the data we use BitLocker. The main purpose of BitLocker is to secure your data stored in the drives. BitLocker is an In-built encrypting tool used in window 7,8,10 operating system. When BitLocker is applied to any drive all files in the drive are automatically get the lock drive the person has to give the appropriate password.  If you apply the BitLocker you should have two or many partition your laptop.

If you forget your password when making use the 3rd party software to unlock your data present your drive. Then you’re sure to lose your data permanently. So if you do not remember your password BitLocker provide you a recovery key to unlock your drive. The recovery key is most important so save your recovery key in another drive or flash.

 And if you want to change the password of BitLocker or locked drive. So open the control panel and open BitLocker option and it is easy to change the password. To change the password of lock drive we need to remember the old password.

Step 1:

In first step right click on the selected drive which you want to lock. And then select the Turn on BitLocker option.

Step 2:

In 2nd  step select  the checkbox of use a password to unlock the drive.

Step 3:

In 3rd step enter the password in the desired field.

Step 4:

In 4th step after enter the password select the next option.

Step 5:

In 5th step select the option of “save to file”.

Step 6:

In 6th step select a folder in your computer or laptop and then click on save option.

Step 7:

In 7th step message box will appear select the yes option.

Step 8:

In 8th step select the first option. And click on the next option.

Step 9:

In this step click on the “Start encrypting” option.

Step 10:

In this step encrypting  will install.

Step 11:

Restart the computer drive will be locked. Put the password and open the drive.

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