How to recover permanently deleted files from google drive ?

How to recover permanently deleted photos from google photos ? I deleted some photos from google drive and now we need to get them back all file in google drive . It can recover that are missing or deleted files within 25 days.

Step 1:

Go to the Drive in your mobile by Android .

Step 2:

It can appear the My Drive and Click the + button.

Step 3:

It can appear the Upload Icon on your Screen. Click this button.

Step 4:

In this Step Select the any file or photos from google drive then these files are Trash.

Step 5:

In this Step appear a list in two Options Like CANCEL and DELETE FOREVER .

Then Click the option DELETE FOREVER .

Step 6:

Click the Help & feedback from google drive .

Step 7:

Select the Find or recover a file .

Step 8:

Click the Google Drive Help Center .

Step 9:

Click the Three corner button .

Step 10:

It can appear a list in Google Help and 4 Options . User can select the Contact us .

Step 11:

After the step 10 and in this step Google help the user .

Then Show the Help Center List from google drive.

And then We can Select Missing or deleted files.


Step 12:

Next Page appear then we can Select the Request chat in your mobile .

Because it can Easy to recover data from google drive.

Step 13:

Show the Page of Contact us .

Google Asks some Questions from the User.

First Question is First name * User can write the System.

And then Question is How can we help you ? *

Like User Problem delete the photo or file. And User write this statement I can recover files from google drive .

Next Step Click the Submit Button.

Step 14:

Appear the Google Drive support .

Google asks some Questions . We can Answers some Questions in this Chat.

And finally google send the Last Message your file is uploaded for Some Few mints .

Step 15:

We can Refresh the drive and Check the file or photo .

Easy way to Recover the all data from google drive .

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