How to resize icon in laptop or computer?

How to change icons size in window

Here’s   how to show icons, hide them, or change their size in window.  To show or hide desktop right click on icons view point and then select show icons to add or clear the check mark.

Hide icons:

Hiding icons on desktop does not delete them just hide them until you select to show them again.


You can use scroll wheel to resize the icons. on the desktop, press hold the ctrl while you scroll the wheel to make icons larger and smaller.

How to resize the spacing and icons in window 10:

Hold the CTRL key. Now, use the mouse wheel on the mouse, and move slide it up or down to adjust the icons size and spacing.

The movements of your mouse adjust the spacing and resize of icons.

David Pouge-2000-preview-more editions

If you are using a laptop, and your battery is runs out f power, you are   still okay, because a battery your battery is too week. But you create the RAM disk just double click the App disk. With the help of this, you can change the size of memory without restart the computer.



In 1st step select my computer option.


In 2nd step select the option “view”.

Step 3:

In 3rd step this type of window should be appearing. Select one of them it’s totally up to you.

Step 4:

In 4th step if you want” extra large icon” then select this option.

Step 5:

In 5th step if you want” to small icon” select  this option.

Step 6:

In 6th step if you want” title wise icon” then selects this option.

Step 7:

In 7th step if you want” normal large icon” selects this option.

Step 8:

In 8th step if you want “list wise icon” select this option.

Step 9:

In 9th step if you want” content wise icon” selects this option.

Step 10:

In 10th step if you want” medium size icon” then defiantly selects this option.

Step 11:

In 11th step if you want “Details” wise icon then select this option.

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