How to shut down your computer or laptop automatically?

How to shut down computer or laptop automatically?

Do you always forget to switch off your computer before going to bed, or just forget to look at the clock while you’re working? This article will tell you how to get your computer to shut down at a time specified by you.

people also ask the question as follow:

How do I fix my computer that shuts down automatically?

Why PC is shut down automatically?

How can I get my laptop to shut down automatically?

Command prompt are used to shut down your computer automatically.

Press the Win + R keys.

Type command in command prompt box

The timer tells you how many seconds until auto shutdown.

For example, if you want your PC to automatically shut down in 10 minutes, the command to be entered is shutdown –s –t 600 in command prompt after finishing this setting. When you’re showing still-life images or other shots that need a bit of arranging, the 10-minute window sometimes can be short. Therefore, you can adjust the automatic shutdown timing if needed.



In 1st step  open the “Notepad”.


In 2nd step write  the code on Notepad for example I want to shutdown my computer after 60 seconds so the code is  “ shutdown –s –t  60” .


In 3rd step save file with any name but “.bat”   extension is necessary and save the file on desktop.


In 4th step file will appear on desktop click on this file.


In 5th step this type of window should be appear. Click on close button.

The computer or laptop will shut down after 60 seconds.

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