How to window 8 Shut Down

shutting off windows used to be a simple matter of clicking the start button and choosing “SHUT DOWN” option. But the window 8 has no start button.So how do you shut it down?
4 way to completely shut down the window 8 and 8.1 .

First Method:

simple way to shut down your laptop that everyone can use it.To click on the window button.

then you can see that window on your laptop & computers.Click or tap the Power button. A list of options will appear.

select “shut down”.Any programs that you have open will attempt to close automatically.

wait for your computer to shut down. occasionally,programs may prevent windows from shutting down properly windows will attempt to force close these programs.

Second Method:

shut down using the “keys”.

if you find yourself on the desktop and there are no active windows being displayed, you can press alt+f4 on your keyboard,to bring up the shut down menu.

wait until these type of window cannot be appear.

Third Method:

shut down window 8 from the “WINDOW+X” menu

The power user Menu sometimes called the WIN+X Menu, is one of my favorite secrets about window 8. Amoung many other things , it lets you shut down windows 8 with just a few clicks:

click these two keys window+X and then appear these type of window

Follow these methods. wait while window 8 shuts down completely.

your computer and laptop should be completely shut down.

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