What is Data Structure

Introduction of Data Structure

Data Structure is a particulate mechanism in which data is organized for efficiently used  in computer


we can sort a data for efficient use of data

In this topic we can explain data structure with help of different algorithm

what is algorithm 

A step by step process to solve a problem is called algorithm

in Data  structure  a lot operation is performed  which a following bellow

  1. Searching
  2. Sorting
  3. Traversing (visiting)
  4. Insert
  5. Delete
  6. Merging

How to write an Algorithm?

There are no well defined  standards for writing algorithms.Rather, it is problem and resource dependent. Algorithms are never written to support a particular programming code.

Algorithms are usually written in pseudo code, or a combination of your speaking language and one or more programming language, in advance of writing a program.This wiki how teaches you how to piece  together an algorithm that gets you started on your application.

1-Determine the outcome of your code.

2-Decide on a starting point.

3-Find the ending point of your algorithm.

4-List the steps from start to finish.

5-Determine how you will accomplish each step.

6-Review the algorithm.

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